Sabelo Takes Handy Andy to Mzansi – And Peeps Love It

Sabelo continues to snap attention with his home cleaning itinerary, which he shares with the world on and Instagram.

Just recently, he was criticized for doing a job that some sections of social media think should be done by a woman. But he doesn’t care. He’s only happy to do his thing and share the same with the world.

And that was how he got an influencing gig with Handy Andy, a maker of cleaning detergents and other sanitary stuff. And he’s been showing that he’s up to the task. He’s been able to make the brand trends, and some of his fans are impressed.

To those who have been criticizing him because of his love for cleaning and his sharing the same on social media, his fans would love y’all to rest. According to them, the dude bothers no one and shouldn’t be bothered for doing something that apparently makes him happy.

By the way, his latest Sunday Vlog has got fans talking because, in it, he showcased the wipes from Handy Andy – a product not many knew existed previously. Now, according to some of his fans, they should pay him a marketing fee as well. But will they?

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