SADTU Calls On Multichoice To Restore DStv Channel 407 (Russia Today)

The drama is not over yet regarding the disappearance of channel 407 (Russia TV) from the network.

South Africans had woken up one morning to find the channel unexpectedly gone. They stormed social media, inquiring what happened, forcing to release a statement.

In a statement, the MultiChoice network had cited the sanctions imposed on Russia have affected the broadcast feed and the network would therefore no longer air Russia Today until further notice.

The clarification only enraged some listeners, who insisted that should either reinstate the channel or else refund the payment made by them, the subscribers.

So far, though, has not made any refund.

The South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU) appeared to have joined the fray. In a statement, the body urged MultiChoice to reinstate Russia Today of face boycott.

It described the removal of channel 407 as an insult to media freedom as well as freedom of expression in South Africa.

Last we checked MultiChoice had not responded to SADTU, which claims to be the biggest union in the public service sector in South Africa.

While some members of the public hailed the union for its initiative, some others were just contemptuous of it.


But what will change?

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