#SAMA27: Mzansi Divided Over Matthew Mole’s Record Of The Year Win

Matthew Mole is the winner of the South Africa Music Awards (SAMA) in the Record of the Year category. And while he’s excited about his win, many South Africans are unimpressed, and they had been questioning the award body why he should win it.

In a tweet, the man in the middle of the storm, Matthew Mole, stated that selection of winners for the category was based purely on votes. In that case, his fans are also the winners because they had voted for him. He described the experience as crazy and his fans as the best, emphasizing he cannot thank them enough. You can check out his tweet below.

A user, who was unimpressed with Matthew mole winning the award, dropped a perfunctory “congratulation” while insisting his choice of winner is no other than Master KG’s “Jerusalema.”

Another unimpressed user insisted that 90% of South Africans don’t know who Matthew Mole is, so he shouldn’t have been given the award. There were those who thought Matthew Mole was deserving of the scudetto, though.

What so you think of the choice of Matthew Mole as Record of the Year Winner? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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