Sammie Heavens Points To Nasty C As Her Rap Inspiration

Sammie Heavens is one of the newest rappers in town. But how did she make up her mind to start rapping? If you’re a keen follower, then you probably already know that someone had mocked Nasty C at some point and noted he was waiting for when his girlfriend (Sammie Heavens) would start rapping.

For whatever reason, Sammie Heavens actually started rapping. A couple of songs put her straight in the game.

Now she has addressed her rap journey, noting that her man actually inspired her to join the rap game. The 23-year-old gave some insight about her artistic journey during a recent sit-down with Drum magazine.

According to her, she has always been artistic and had explored fashion design and painting before veering into the world of rap, encouraged by her man. She made her rap debut with a short EP dubbed “July.” Interestingly, the said project was released in July this year.

Although it failed to reverberate across South Africa, it actually put her out there as a voice to watch. It remains to be seen what impact she would ultimately make on the music scene, having made an ambitious leap into the hip hop orbit with “July.”

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