SAMRO’s Big Promise To Big Zulu, Master KG & Other Musos

The South African Musical Rights Organization (SAMRO) has promised to make companies pay for using songs like Big Zulu’s “Imali Eningi” for promotions.

Interestingly, in the same period, Master KG has made it clear he would be make companies who have been using his “Jerusalema” song – and the challenge is spawned -for promotions pay for it. The songster has got SAMRO’s backing, as the rights organization shared the same message on Twitter.

If things should pan out, Master KG, Big Zulu and other artistes whose hit songs have been used by companies for promotions might start receiving monetary compensations soon.

It might also provoke a chain reaction, with many artistes looking back into the past and billing companies that have used their hits for promotions. What if companies should reject the bill and actually head to court?

By the way, was in the news recently when a member and band mate chained himself to the company’s tale, askin to be paid the royalties due to him.

Well, what do you think of SAMRO’s plans to make companies pay for using songs like “Imali Eningi” for promotions? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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