Samsung (Galaxy) & MTV Base Launch Collaborative Top 10, Streaming On DStv

For lovers of good music a d a good time, there’s something on the way courtesy of Samsung and music platform MTV Base.

In a recent announcement, MTV Base noted it was partnering with Samsung to give music lovers the best of countdowns, a top 10, on the platform.

The name of the top ten countdown is #Galaxy A — obviously so named to give publicity to the Samsung brand.

The countdown will feature an eclectic mix of genres. So, you’re most likely to find something exciting from the pot when the countdown begins eventually.

According to Samsung and MTV Base, the countdown takes place from Monday to Thursday at 10:00 (CAT) and will be repeated at 22:00 (CAT).

The announcement of the countdown has provoked great excitement among music lovers in South Africa, with most saying they can’t war to see what the collaborative effort will lead to ultimately.

For Samsung, in a sense, it’s another marketing coup as they get to put their brand before millions in the Rainbow Nation.

Well, we are still out here, and the prospect of bringing more details about this partnership to you all is pretty exciting. Do tag along by following us on social media.

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