Samthing Soweto Addresses Weight Loss And Fears About His Health

Things are not as they seem, and amapiano singer Samthing Soweto might be just one example. The songster is going through a lot.

Earlier last week, he’d shared slides that showed that he’d somehow lost weight. Some peeps used the slides to mock him and point out that he’s downright skinny.

The more empathetic ones cautioned those criticising him and let them know they have no clue what the songster might be going through. They called for kindness in the comments about the songster, referencing Black Panther star Chadwick and how he lost weight and suffered before dying of cancer.

After a brief silence about the comments over his weight loss journey, in a video he shared, he clarified that he wasn’t dying. He’s merely going through a lot and has changed his lifestyle. But it’s personal. He also thanked those who have been standing by him amid his transformation.

In the video below, he spoke about his weight loss, allaying the fears of his fans. In the comments to the post were fans and celebs alike, all wishing him the besting and letting him know they love him.

Hopefully, all is well, as he said. Stay tuned you all.

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