Sannah Mchunu (Zodwa) In Emotional Reflection As “Gomora” Is Cancelled

After a long time on the set of a flick — a long, fruitful time with many friendships and relationships, goofy times, and so much more — it is understandably hard saying goodbye to all that. But life happens, and sometimes one must say goodbye to all this.

For South African actress Sannah Mchunu, that time came recently, and she had to bid goodbye to Gomora, easily one of the most popular soapies in South Africa at the moment — but recently cancelled.

Before the cancellation of the series, Gomora, a gripping offering, had the attention of a whole nation, with many always talking about when a new season would be out. The series, unfortunately, would no longer be aired — except if a miracle should happen.

Sannah is one of the actors who have so far bid goodbye to the series. As much as many would like the series to continue, including the actors themselves, the producers have made the decision to discontinue it.

In a post on Instagram, Sannah Mchunu, who played the role of Zodwa, reflected on the series and noted that, somehow, everything must come to an end. She had had a wonderful experience on the set of the series and magnanimously thanked everyone involved in it.

Sannah Mchunu (Zodwa) In Emotional Reflection As &Quot;Gomora&Quot; Is Cancelled 2

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