Sarafina: BBMzansi Viewers Talk Nale & Her Big Brother Mzansi Adventure Amid Eviction Fears

Sarafina was a South African drama that told the story of Leleti Khumalo, a young black woman struggling for freedom during the apartheid era. Directed by Darrell Roodt and released in 1992, the movie has managed to stay in the consciousness of movie lovers since.

In the reality show, which is currently in its third season, somehow, some viewers are juxtaposing Nale’s character with Leleti Khumalo’s – noting how she’d become “silent” and not contributing much to the drama in the house.

Some viewers think she is just good by nature and that the house is just not her place, as the schemers within would not only think her boring but might end up wanting to see her evicted.

It’s eviction season in the house, and it appears that Nale is the one housemate viewers have in mind to send home on Sunday. It remains to be seen, though, if she’s eventually evicted.

Her fans who are championing for her continued stay in the Big Brother house have been fighting back, sharing not just her merits but what she has been able to accomplish at the age of 24, including working at Steers. Here’s the mixed bag.

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