Sarah Ferguson’s Extraordinary Resilience In Fight Against Cancer

Cancer is one of the fearful words most people don’t want to hear and don’t want to be associated with – ever. But sometimes, as the saying goes, life happens, and people find themselves afflicted with cancer and trying to figure out where their lives pivot from there.

Sarah Ferguson is one such person. Her recent cancer diagnosis was as shocking and painful as could be expected but the Duchess of York is mustering the strength to push ahead despite her affliction.

The point is, while she is already down with cancer, she is still out there fighting with a resilience of spirit that will please just about anyone.

Months ago, she had undergone a mastectomy to treat an earlier form of breast cancer. But that wasn’t the end of her cancer fight, as a different cancer materialised soon after. She was diagnosed with malignant melanoma – a form of skin cancer so to speak.

A piece of devastating news, that. but the Duchess of York is pushing ahead with remarkable resilience of spirit that will motivate anyone contending with a similar affliction.

It’s all positive energy from her end, especially knowing that she has the support of the public in her fight against cancer.

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