Sarah Langa Reveals She Is Becoming A “Better Self” And Breaking Cycles

Sarah talks about becoming a 'better self' on social media.

Sarah Langa seemed to have left behind her past in 2019 and is forging forward this year. Sarah has revealed that she wants to break cycles and become a better version of the person she used to be.

The social media influencer and blogger told her fans that she has let go of resentment and anger. She has decided to have a more positive attitude in 2020.

Sarah would break old cycles by being free from frustration, anger, and resentment. She revealed to her fans that she feels much lighter by being a better version of her older self.

She said:

I’m free from anger, resentment, frustration. I’m so light.

Sarah Langa has had her own share of negativity from social media. On these occasions, she had to defend herself and clear her name.

Of recent, Sarah Langa was slammed because of the assumption that she was trying to show her followers a perfect view of Amina Muaddi real designer heels.

People had accused her of being insensitive but the social media influencer was not ready to get dragged by anyone!

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