Khuli Chana Summoneed Over R1.1 Million Debt To The Taxman (SARS)

These are not the best of times for South African rapper Khuli Chana as the South African Revenue Service has outed him for being in debt to the body. He is said to be owing the revenue body over R1 million.

The SARS has since summoned the rapper over the debt owed. A report by Sunday World claimed that the SARS had filed a case against the rapper last week over unpaid taxes.

Court documents indicate the rapper, through his business Khuli Chana Holdings, owes SARS R426 000 in value-added tax. The sum ballooned to about R615k when R30,000 in fines and nearly R160k in interest were added to it.

The songster also reportedly owes overdue Pay As You Earn (PAYE) amount to about R30k. With the SARS adding R11 000 penalty and R135 000 in interest, the sum ballooned to about R445k.

The news of the rapper’s trouble with the taxman caught some South Africans by surprise. After all. To them, Khuli Chana is always out there living his best life. Could he have forgotten he had responsibilities to the taxman or just ignored what he had to do?

There are no answers to that yet and even the rapper himself has yet to publicly comment on it at the time of writing.

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