SASSA Dismisses Reported Claims Of Grant Increase From R350 To R700

The South African Social security Agency (SASSA) has clarified that the R350 grant will not be doubled or increased to R700, contrary to rumors currently flying across the Rainbow Nation.

An advert had popped online, indicating that the R350 grant will be increased to R700, but the SASSA, through its official Twitter channel denied that the R350 has been increased. It also clarified that no additional grant type has been offered except the ones currently in place.

The was introduced as part of avenues to ameliorate the impact of the pandemic that forced South to lockdown temporarily, a move that tossed many people out of jobs.

Since its founding, it has seen to the distribution of millions to the needy across the Rainbow Nation. For those who had hoped for an increase in the grant – hopes that the R700 story was true – well, the hope continues.

The R700 story is said to be the handiwork of scammers eager to bilk the gullible public out of their resources. Authorities have warned the general public to be vigilant and wary f similar stories.

The public is encouraged to check out the site for any new updates regarding grants.

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