Prince Kaybee Rules Out Working With Black Coffee

Saucy Clip Drama: Prince Kaybee Threatens To Sue Cyan Boujee In New Audio

From the look of things, the drama between South African disc jockey and producer Prince Kaybee and his compatriot and fellow musician Cyan Boujee is not over just yet. Cyan, whose real name is Honour Zuma, recently accused the “Club Controller” hitmaker of leaking their saucy moment together.

At the time she made the claim, Prince Kaybee simply ignored her. Instead, he focused on his music, letting fans know that his remix of a number by Mas Music and Daliwonga is now available on SoundCloud. He also promised to make a formal release of the song soon.

Well. When South African thought that was all, a new clip in which Prince Kaybee denied knowledge of the songstress popped online. In the said audio, Prince Kaybee should be heard saying that he doesn’t know Cyan Boujee. He also threatened to sue her.

At the time of writing, Cyan Boujee had not responded to what he said in the audio. But South Africans have been showing support to Prince Kaybee, with some urging him to ignore her and continue to focus on his music.

It is unclear if Prince Kaybee will follow through with his threat to sue her. We doubt he would, however.