Saudi Considers Dropping “Msotra Dont Die” Merch

This Saudi is not an Arabian nor does he care to be. Anyway, he has just hinted at dropping merch for his “Msotra Dont Die” project. That would be nothing novel, but it would go a long way in promoting the project.

Over the years, music and musicians themselves have evolved, incorporating avenues to keep themselves and their works in the consciousness of their fans and the general public for extensive periods. One such way is by releasing merch.

By merch, we, of course, mean merchandise – clothing, caps, shoes, and other attires that can be worn and used by the public on an almost quotidian basis. By wearing these, of course, people get to see them, increasing the lifespan of the projects marketed on the merch. But that’s by the way.

In a recent post, a fan had wondered about the possibility of dropping merch alongside Saudi’s album mentioned at the outset. In reaction to the tweet, Saudi had conceded that it was a good idea, pointing out that fans actually deserve that.

From the look of things, there is no going back at this point. The release of the merch will follow soon after the album. You can check out the tweet below.Saudi Considers Dropping &Quot;Msotra Dont Die&Quot; Merch 1

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