Saudi Remarks: “The Closest Person To Me Doesn’t Believe In Me”

Saudi says: “The Closest Person To Me Doesn’t Believe In Me”

As popular South African rapper, , has been pushing his brand new The Drips , he has also been expressing himself not just through music, but through his page.

The talented rapper has experienced several ups and downs in the music scene. Some of them include a record label () which claimed to have let him down and trusted associates who failed to assist him when he needed them.

Saudi’s latest lamentation is the fact that the people close to him do not believe in him.

Saudi took to his page to write:

Learned to care less about things people say concerning me, even the closest person to me didnt believe in me.

Saudi narrated the story in a way that showed that the person is a female. Now, if we are wondering if the person is his significant other or a member of his family.

Saudi further wrote:

she still doesn’t but God does and through him I do too. My heart ice cold. My mind sharp. God ordained my destiny.

Part of the lyrics of The Drips read:

When I die fuck it it’d be nice to go heaven/ Swear to B.I.G I’m a piece of shit/God would send me straight to where/My other half and the fire live/Would’ve been the second time he made that decision.

Saudi had recently expressed how a shitty label record is. The rapper’s revelations show that he is going through a lot of betrayals. However, he is surviving by maintaining positive energy.

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