Saudi Speaks On The Removal Of His Songs From Spotify

Saudi Reacts To The Removal Of His Songs From Spotify

Saudi speaks on the removal of most of his songs from Spotify.

Is it just us or has Mzansi rapper, Saudi been through the most for a while now. The rapper has suffered greatly at the hands of hackers who seem to do whatever they like with his music without a care about how it affects him.

Just last week, news broke that the rapper had parted ways with his former label, Ambitiouz Entertainment. Somehow, that wasn’t so surprising owing the fact that a lot artistes had also left the label, and not on good terms.

After suffering a huge of some of his songs, the rapper has recorded another blow. Apparently, someone hacked his Spotify account and removed a chunk of his songs leaving only 12 behind. Mind you, he had previously amassed millions of views with those songs. Reacting to it, he had this to say;

DONT KNOW HOW WHEN WHO WHY THATS ON my acount.. all I know is I got more songs than anybody in the business But you know its S H O W then T E L L .. enter: BEASTMODE AKA SUPA SAIYAN 3 (game face),

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