Saudi’s Big Advice To Nasty C

While some South Africans are sad that the “Zulu Man With Some Power” Nasty C will be relocating to the United States, some of the musician’s industry mates are darn happy for him and have urged him to maintain to the musical fire in his vein.

One such artiste is Saudi.  In a recent tweet, the songster stated he heard that Nasty C, who fancies himself the Coolest Kid in Africa, would be moving to the United States. He urged the songster to stay dangerous.

He noted the industry doesn’t play fair, asking God to bless his compatriot. He ended by saying he meant every word he wrote regarding nasty c’s planned relocation to the united States.

By the way, Nasty C would have relocated to the United States much earlier following his signing to def Jam. But the coronavirus interrupted his plans. The situation was worsened when a newer strain of the virus broke out in South Africa.

He had the option of quarantining in a safe country before moving over to the States. But that would have disrupted his schedule, so he chooses to stay home instead.

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