Scammed Online, Priddy Ugly Narrates His Experience In New Video

Things got pretty ugly for Priddy Ugly recently as he was scammed while trying to purchase a vehicle online – according to his personal narration in a video. He was bilked out of a large sum of  money while trying to purchase a vehicle from a company.

The songster opened up about being scammed in a recent question and answer with fans.

He admitted having reported to the police but regrets that the case is progressing at a slow rate – unlike what he would have desired. In fact, he thinks the polie are incompetent.

By the way, Priddy Ugly is not the first celebrity to fall victim to scammers. Now and again, celebs fall victims to scams online – especially those who are unwary.

Priddy has apparently finished work on a new album. He recently announced, in response to a fan, that the album will be out soon. Although he failed to give a release date, he had already thrown fans into album. Of course, whatever he should release would be live on UbeToo. So stay tuned,

Well, what do you think of Priddy Ugly falling victim to scammers online? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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