Scared For His Life, Lebo M Files For Divorce From Pretty Samuels – Details

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South African composer Lebo M has just issued a statement regarding his current divorce drama with his fourth wife Pretty Samuel, noting that he opted for divorce because he feared for his life.

Pretty Samuels had denied the news of a divorce, but Lebo M affirmed that his relationship with her is truly over. In his statement, the famous composer noted that while he was on a tour of Europe between April and June this year, Pretty Samuel had his electronic signature and was given proxy to sign documents on his behalf.

Back home from his trip, he asked her to delete the signature from her PC and sign an affidavit affirming that she has deleted it. But his wife refused. This led to an altercation. And now Lebo fears for his life. The logic is that if his life wouldn’t delete the signature as instructed, not stops her from harming him and possessing his wealth.

Interestingly, she was also asked to sign another affidavit confirming that she didn’t open any policies behind Lebo;s back that she would benefit from upon his death. Again, she refused to sign. This alarmed Lebo and pushed him into opting for divorce because he now fears for his life.