“Scariest Moment” – K.O Details The Night He Almost Died From COVID-19 (Video)

The eruption of the coronavirus pandemic was a big scare for many around the world, and not everyone got to survive it. K.O is one happy survivor, and he’s given some details about surviving the pandemic.

During a sit-down with DJ Sbu on the Hustler’s Corner podcast, K.O delved into his surviving the pandemic and several other aspects of his life and career. According to the “SETE” hitmaker, his run-in with the first wave of the virus was just terrible.

It happened when he was alone in the one fateful night. He was fortunate to have received a call from his brother, who lives in the same estate as him. His brother called K.O’s business partner who had infected him to check on  K.O. he was like, since they were both positive, he should as well keep an eye on the “Skhanda World” boss.

K.O described that time as the scariest moment of his life. He, fortunately, made it. And he’s here to tell the tale. The detailed video interview is available at the end of the post.

This isn’t the first time K.O has commented about surviving coronavirus, though. He had done that previously but wasn’t as detailed.

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