Scoop Explains His Problem With Cassper Switching To Amapiano

Scoop Makhathini opens up about his problem with Cassper Nyovest switching from SA Hip Hop to Amapiano.

Over time, Cassper Nyovest’s highly publicized switch from SA Hip Hop to Amapiano has been all anyone can talk about. The Mzansi star has also been very vocal about it, and given reasons why he made the switch.

Still, that does not mean a lot of people are okay with it. In a recent episode of PopCast with Ms Cosmo, Scoop Makhathini and DJ Switch, the topic of the switch was very much discussed. Scoop opened up about his thoughts on it, saying that he only has a problem with the way Cass did what he did.

According to him, he has no problem with him following the money train, but his concern lies with the people he left behind doing it. He revealed that the “Amademoni” star had left his fans, and the people he inspired in the game behind while making the switch. Scoop said;

I have a problem with that, not following the money trai,n but I do have a problem with the way Cassper’s done what he’s done and the way he’s said what he’s done. I’ll explain to you why.”

“When you’ve lived in this house that has taken care of you for such a long time and it’s given you so much and there are kids and people that are coming up in this genre because they want to follow what you’ve done. Right, if you are successful in something and you and okay let me also add on the fact that you’re a black guy, as well on top of that, never mind anything else you’re also a black man. You have the responsibility to make sure that when you sit at the top of the hill, there’s a ladder at the bottom of you, that people can climb and get to a spot as well, because these people, these are the people that helped you get to your spot.”

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