Scoop Makhathini Posts BOYZNBUCKS Merchandise He Has Kept For 10 Years

Scoop Makhathini shares BOYZNBUCKS merch that he has kept for 10 years

Scoop Makhathini shares BOYZNBUCKS Merchandise that he’s kept for 10 years.

It has been years since we heard anything about one of the biggest Entertainment groups in Mzansi. With the way the group was formed in the beginning, we were all sad to hear that they weren’t together anymore.

That was back in 2016, when Scoop revealed in several tweets that the group was no longer in existence. He had shared that they had all become very successful which ended up costing them the group. Sad right? Now, he’s reminding everyone of the good times with a recent post shared on Instagram.

He shared some BOYZNBUCKS merchandise that he has saved for about 10 years. He even listed all of them to include a skateboard, a hoody, panel cap, laces, Vans skate hi, shorts, denim jacket, dad cap, and a racing jersey. That’s quite a lot. He also tagged all the group’s former members to the post. Hopefully they get together once again.

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