Scoop Makhathini Promises New Single, Album

Scoop Makhathini apparently has a new single on the way an album too. But it is not what fans might expect. The songster and radio presenter was quick to clarify that it is not rap.

Scoop Makhathini is a radio figure. He has been so preoccupied with radio that many have apparently forgotten he is also a singer. Well, he is set to flash his music résumé in the faces on Mzansi denizens once again.

In a recent Instagram post, the songster indicated he is part of a group called “Kwant And The Gang.” He indicated the group has been recording for a year and has already completed an album titled “Qubha Nomamlambo.”

Before the album drops, according to Scoop, the group will treat fans to a new single titled “Camagu.” He said the single and the album are unlike anything anyone has heard. How true this statement is, the world will know soon enough. Stay tuned.

Well, we’ll still be here in April 2021 and will surely share the project with you. You might want to make it a date with us. Simply follow our social media channels as well as subscribe to our newsfeed to stay in the loop.

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