Scorpion Kings Perform At Huawei Winter Sale Virtual Session

Scorpion Kings deliver amazing performance at Huawei winter sale virtual session

Scorpion Kings gave an amazing performance at the Huawei winter sale virtual session.

If you’re going to enlist Amapiano’s Scorpion kings to perform on your show, be prepared to have the roof brought down. The talented duo are two of the top power players in the SA music industry and everyone loves their partnership.

On Wednesday, July 1st, Huawei hosted the Huawei winter sale virtual session and it was a success. The show featured the two captains of Amapiano as performers and they practically killed it. The Live event also featured DJ Tira, NaakMusiQ, and Boity. Now you know, wherever these ones show up, it is lit all through.

Before the show, the popular duo confirmed that their would be playing, and urged fans to tune. The winter sale virtual session kicked off at 19:00 and was quite the success. The Scorpion Kings delivered a laudable performance and had viewers asking for more.

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