Scottish Zulu Man: Zakes Bantwini Reacts To Troll Asking Him To Delete Pictures Of Him In Scottish Attire

South African DJ and singer Zakes Bantwini has just reacted to a troll who criticised his wearing clothing that did not reflect South African culture.

The “Osama” hitmaker had shared a tweet in which he rocked a Scottish outfit. His outfit comprises a skirt, boots, and stockings. In one of the slides, he could be seen standing next to a person to appears to be a Scottish musician.

But Zakes and the Scot (a bagpiper) wore the same outfit and appeared to be enjoying each other’s company. In the caption to his post, the Grammy-winning musician simply wrote “Scottish Zulu Man,” followed by the flags of the two countries. You can check out the post below.

A Twitter user who was clearly unimpressed with the outfit asked the singer to delete the twee. Responding to the tweeter, Zakes Bantwini urged him to delete his tweet as it is racist and shows that the troll had not travelled much and needs to travel because travelling opens up the mind

Interestingly, the troll deleted the tweet.

Another South African musician who has been able to make trolls delete their tweet, by simply asking them to, is the late South African rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes.

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