Scumie Calls Out Nasty C & Cassper Over Non-Payment Following “African Throne” Performance

The “African Throne” tour of MNasty C and Cassper Nyoivest might be offer, but it appears like the drama over it is only just beginning. One of the musicians ho performed during the tour, Scumie, has just accused the duo of not having paid him for his sevices.

THe “African Throne” toue was the first joint tour between the two and the prelude to the release of their albums on the same day. It saw the two teverse Africa with their sound, ultimately returning home for the final leg of the tour. They also had other artists perform with them, including Scumie.

In a since-delted tweet, she claimed that she signed a contract with the duo that stipulates that she would be paifd within seven days of her performacne. She claimed it’s been a month since the performance and he has not gotten anything from the duo. She insisted she wouldn’t work hard only for her efforts to be undermined.

Scumie Calls Out Nasty C &Amp; Cassper Over Non-Payment Following &Quot;African Throne&Quot; Performance 1

In a new development, she stated that Cassper’s manager has reached out to her to resolve the issue and she is “still waiting.” It is unclear if she had been paid at the time of writing. Well, stay tuned for nrw developments.

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