Season 2 Of The Republic Returns To Mzansi Magic, Tweeps React

Season 2 of The Republic has returned to Mzansi Magic, and the reactions so far indicate that fans of the series are more than excited about the return.

The Republic is a South African political drama that started airing on Mzansi Magic in early July 2019. It takes viewers through the presidency of Lufuno Mulaudzi. The first female president.

Lufuno, played by Florence Masebe, appeared determined to fight corruption which had festered in the country thanks to the former president Hendrik Mbuli.

In the second season of the show, which takes place exactly two years after the first season, Lufuno had won a second term in office but at great cost. Lufuno was kidnapped and a coup was attempted amid unrest in the country.

Fans are more than excited about the return of the flick, with many of them commending Florence Masebe (President Lufuno) for her command of language.

Rami Chuene was just as excited about The Republic. But she didn’t single out a particular actor for praise. As far as she was concerned, they were all outstanding. You can check out other reactions below.

With the second season generating so much excitement, expectations are already high for what might follow after this. Stay tuned for updates if you please.

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