Seconds Out Boxing Match: Bohang Moeko Pulls Out, Gives Reasons

Those who have been salivating to see actor Gohang Moeko as part of the Seconds Out boxing show have been left disappointed after he pulled out at the last minute, citing unforeseen circumstances.

The actor had been training for the Seconds Out event, so it was a big surprise to many when he eventually pulled out weeks before the event. He had released a statement letting his fans know that he would be pulling out, citing unforeseen circumstances.

Despite his sudden exit, the actor made it a point to encourage his fans and others to show up for the event and support it the way they can.

The Seconds Out boxing match is an initiative for charity, as the money made from the event would be used to support charities tackling gender-based violence (GBV) in South Africa. GBV is a touchy subject in the country and is very prevalent. This has spawned several organizations fighting the problem.

By the way, following Bohang’s exit from the fight, the show’s organisers had confirmed he would no longer be fighting. They also announced a replacement for him.

So, yes, the fight will go on without Bohang. Incidentally, if all goes well, Bohang himself might show up in the auditorium as part of the audience.

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