Sedi Beauty & Wellness Spa: Miss Pru DJ Launches New Business

Do not put all your eggs in one basket is a common saying out there, emphasizing the need for diversifying one’s sources of income. If one of them should go down, one has at least the comfort of a second source of income. Well, it appears like South African disc jockey and producer Miss Pru DJ knows this and is cool implementing it in her life.

Many know her as just a DJ But she has got other things going on for her . In a recent post on her Instagram page, she had given fans a new peek into her life and business, letting the Rainbow Nation know that she has delved into the world of beauty as well.

Yup, Miss Pru DJ now owns a spa Called Sedi & Wellness Spa. In the caption to her Instagram post, she noted that she celebrated her birthday the other week and had finally established a beauty parlour of her own. It was one dream she had had for a long time. It scared her, that dream, but she has finally achieved it. You can check out her post below.

Sedi Beauty &Amp; Wellness Spa: Miss Pru Dj Launches New Business 2

Her spa joins a string of other businesses the DJ, who studied somatology at the University of Johannesburg, owns.

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