See Photos Of This Morning’s Lunar Eclipse

Check out the beautiful photos of this morning’s Lunar Eclipse.

We don’t know if you noticed by this morning something beautiful happened. The sun, Earth, and moon aligned so that the Earth’s shadow enveloped the moon completely, causing a Lunar Eclipse. A report by Gizmodo stated that “during the fleeting event, the Moon took on a blood-red hue across many parts of the world.”

The report reveals that the totality of the eclipse (this is when the earth has completely overshadowed the moon) began at exactly 10:17 UTC (5:17 a.m. ET) and ended at 11:42 UTC (6:42 a.m. ET). Sorry if you missed it. You would only have to wait until the 14th of March 2025 to see it happen again. Yes, you read that right.

Now, here’s some good news. The eclipse was captured on camera. You can check some of the photos out below. We promise, they will touch your soul.

Eclipse over Richmond, Virginia (Source: Gizmodo)
The Blood Moon over Beijing, China (Source: Gizmodo)
Lunar Eclipse over Beijing, China (Source: Gizmodo)
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