Seemah Fainsts As Boyfriend Gifts Her Dream Car (Video)

Some people have it easy; others not quite so. Seemah appears to have had things on the easy side – or so some social media users are saying after her boyfriend bought her a new Mercedes Benz.

In a clip currently circulating online, her boyfriend Ghost Hlubi could be seen during the handing over. Seemah was too shocked by the gesture. She fainted right there, beside the car and had to be revived by her man.

Ghost had rushed to his car, which was just beside the Mercs he bought for her. He brought a bottle of water with him, she tried to give him the water, but she wouldn’t take it. You can check out the clip below.

The clip generated mixed reactions online. Some tweeps refused to believe he bought the car for her because it was packed just outsides a parking lot and wasn’t “wrapped” – whatever that means. Some wondered how he was able to make so much money from his videos to afford the car.

And yet some ladies wondered what they have been doing wrong that they are yet to be blessed with a lover who lavishes on them that way. Some ladies have them, apparently.

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