Seemah Reacts To Kamo Mphela Dissing Her YouTube Podcast

Singer Seemah has reacted to “Dalie” singer Kamo Mphela dissing her podcast by calling it childish.

The battle line has been drawn between Kamo Mphela and Seemah. It all began when the “Nkulunkulu” star appeared on L-Tido’s podcast and spoke about being on Seemah’s podcast. She said she wouldn’t and called it “childish.” She also questioned Seemah’s relevance in the SA music industry.

Of course, the “Thando” was not having it, and she took to her platform to react. She said, “It’s giving blonde.” She also pointed out that she’s starting out in the industry just as Kamo once did when she danced in parking lots.

“Maybe my song is not your vibe, and I do not go around jumping on stage, but I am in the industry, and I am beginning. Just like how you were starting out at Sportscene and dancing in parking lots. So please, do not bore me,” said Seemah.

Mzansi has weighed in on the podcast and taken Kamo’s side. They also agree that Seemah’s podcast is childish.

@ThandoDube20435 wrote, “The podcast is childish, though, and also her saying Mam Kamo is exactly why people say its a childish podcast.”

@Black50OG reacted, “I maintain, it’s childish this one.”

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