Selena Gomez On Taylor Swift’s Shocked Look At The Globes

A celebrity appearing visibly shocked while chatting with other celebs is not something one sees all the time. So, there is bound to be great interest when that happens. It did recently.

The scene was the Golden Globes awards, and Taylor Swift and many other celkbs were on the ground. At some point, Selena Gomez went to Taylo Swift’s table to chat.

In the course of the conversation, Taylor Swift appeared visibly shocked, whicj=h left a lot of people curious about the reason she appeared that way in the pictures and videos circulating online.

But what actually went down? A prevailing fans theory, which some netizens have described as ridiculous was that Selena had asked for a photograph with Timothee Chalamet but Kylie Jebber said no.

Kylie Jenner and Timothee are currently dating. That claim is based on a fan’s attempt at lip reading. You can check out the post below.

There is still no definitive answers to the question about what provoked the shocked look from Taylor Swift. And there would likely be no answer until Taylor Swift herself addressed it.

For now, fans should content themselves with Selena Gomez’s verdict. It has nothing to do with taking pictures with Timothee.

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