Selena Gomez’s Paris Adventure In Pictures & Video

When it comes to fashion, Selena Gome is one name that just cannot be missed. Well, the songstress illuminated this reality about her life once again pm a trip to Paris.

Not only did she make the trip to Paris, she was reminded every step of it should count. And she made sure it did. She took a trip around the Eiffel Tower – one of the enduring landmarks of the ancient city. But that’s not all.

Her bubble bath moment was captured as well, giving fans glimpses into the immersive luxury that her life is built around. it is not surprising, then, that the moments from the trip reverberated around the world when the pictures were shared.

For some fans, especially from this side of Africa, it was not just an opportunity to embrace the beauty of her life but to hope and pray to be able to afford such a lifestyle too. You can check out some snaps from her Paris adventures below.

Her trip to Paris follows her public admission that she would want to take a deep dive into the acting universe – you know, give her acting career all the airing it could need, with the music in the background in the interim.

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