Selena Gomez’s Radiant World With Benny Blanco (Photo)

Mankind’s search for love is as old as the universe itself. People want to love. People want to be loved. And when they eventually find love, they usually invest a lot into it, from emotional resources to — you add the rest.

American singer Selena Gomez is one woman seriously in love at the moment. Of course, she’s had her fair share of relationships in the past, but it appears like nothing compares to the beauty she is currently experiencing with her beau Benny Blanco.

Not only are the two of them in love they have been deliberate and unapologetic in their PDA — a dream for many couples.

Of particular interest to fans of the couple are the recent snaps of the two as they cosy up to each other. For many who saw the images, it is obvious that Selena was happy to be with the man she was (really is) with. She radiates joy and an inner peace that is hard to miss. One such image is available for your viewing pleasure below.

Selena Gomez'S Radiant World With Benny Blanco (Photo) 2

Well, hopefully, this leads to something even more fulfilling for Selena Gomez, who previously dated Canadian singer Justin Bieber. Of course, we will be here to bring you the next tea. Stay tuned.

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