Sello Maake Ka Ncube Speaks On New “Skeem Saam” Role

Veteran actor Sello Maake has joined the cast of the popular series Skeem Saam and will be playing the role of Ntate Nkanyago. 

The recently released teaser of the flick indicates that he’ll be a lover to Jacobeth Thobakgale. But that’s not all. He will also reportedly save Jacobeth’s daughter Elizabeth from a conman named Luc. 

While the actor is excited about his new role, he hasn’t been forthcoming with details about it. He encouraged viewers to watch but didn’t go beyond that. 

And for those be wonder g if his new role is more challenging or exciting, the actor would merely volunteer a general statement, noting that every character is different on every show in the sense that one would be seeing an entirely different persona. There is always something exciting to each role, and he’s only too happy to be getting to work. 

It turned out he’s not the only one excited about the new role. Fans are just as excited, which could be seen in their reactions so far to news of him taking up the new role. 

Their reactions shouldn’t be surprising. After all, Sello Maake Ka Ncube is no newbie on the scene. He has earned his stripes. And although he’s long on the movie scene, he’s managed to remain relevant. 

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