Sentenced to 150 Days In Jail, Jussie Smollett Insists On Innocence, Denies He’s Suicidal

Jussie Smollett has been sentenced to 150 days in jail and 30 days of felony probation in what has been viewed as a hate crime hoax that took place three years ago.

The incident that eventually landed him in court happened in 2019. The actor had claimed that he was the victim of a hate crime.

Back then, the former “Empire” actor had claimed that he was the victim of an anti-gay and anti-black hate crime. Ruling on the case, though, the judge ruled his claims to be false.

While delivering judgment, Cook County Circuit Court Judge James Linn describes Jussie as arrogant and narcissistic. He also ordered the actor to pay a $25k fine, as well as spend 30 months on felony probation.

According to the judge, Jussie had destroyed his life as he knew it and there’s nothing he, the judge, could do that will come close to the damage.

Despite the judgment, Jussie is adamant he’s not guilty of what he was accused and he stormed Instagram to affirm the same after the judgment.

For those who fear he might become depressed and take his own life following the sentencing, the actor made it clear that he’s not suicidal. He also insisted on his innocence while calling that he should be freed.

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