Seoul Halloween Celebration: Lee Ji Han, K-Pop Singer & Actor, Killed In Crowd Crush

It was to have been a moment of hilarity, laughter and camaraderie, but tragedy struck during a crowd surge at a Halloween celebration in Seoul over the weekend, leaving over a hundred dead.

Among the dead was Lee Ji Han, a K-pop singer and actor. He was 24. His management agency, 935 Entertainment, confirmed the tragic news on Sunday.

The news of the tragedy reverberated around the world, and Halloween started trending on Twitter, with over 2.3 million tweet references.

In Korea and around the world, Lee Ji Han fans are in mourning, with many pointing out what they liked about his person, his acting and his music, and yet others pointing out that he was too young to die. But life happened.

Following the tragedy, the Korean government switched to emergency mode and began educating the public on how to react and stay safe in such emergencies. On its part, the South Korean police have taken “heavy responsibility” for failing to prevent the tragedy, although it had the power to do so.

Anyway, as some social media users have noted, the dead cannot be brought back to life, and the best the police and the South African government can do at the moment is to ensure something similar does not repeat.

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