Separated Tol Ass Mo To Reunite With His Family For Christmas

Despite their recent separation and the attendant drama that it generated, the family of local comedian Tol Ass Mo is determined that the Christmas period should be memorable and without drama. What other way to show that than by spending the period together?

According to multiple reports, after the couple’s dramatic separation that left many South Africans stunned, they will be coming together again to spend this Christmas as a family.

The news has been greeted with excitement by fans of the couple, who have been wanting them to overcome their differences and get back together again. But whether the Christmas get-together will bond the couple again and make them continue their relationship is unclear.

Tol Ass Mo and his wife Mome Mahlangu seemingly had a wonderful relationship until cracks began to develop, especially after allegations of abuse by another lady surfaced. Things soon went south entirely, with the comedian making it clear his marriage was over.

He didn’t stop at that but went on to state that he would not have anything to do with a black woman ever again. His dating preference is for white women. Funny enough, soon after, he got himself a black woman.

Would the Christmas period repair his relationship with Mome?

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