Serena Williams Retiring From Tennis Soon

After many years of hitting the ball around in what has been rightly called an illustrious career, Serena Williams is set to drop her bat and look at other areas of life in retirement.

The celebrated tennis champ had given clues about her possible retirement in an essay for Vogue. She had also dwelled on aspects of her family and life in the same piece.

According to her, she has never liked the phrase “retirement”, and it doesn’t feel like a modern word to her. Instead, she would prefer the term “evolution.” As a result, she is evolving away from tennis toward other things that are just as important.

Serena, who turns 41 soon, gave no specific date when she might leave the court to face other aspects of her life in retirement. However, the mere note that she’s be retiring from tennis has provoked sadness from many quarters around the world.

And for a good reason. Williams is one of the best players the court has seen, with many wins affirming her position as one of the best. But life calls, and she isn’t averse to answering that call and embracing a whole new world without flying balls and exuberant, cheering spectators.

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