Serena Williams Returns To Wimbledon, Dramatically Losses To France’s Harmony Tan

After a year’s absence, Serena Williams returned to Wimbledon with a dramatic loss against Harmony Tan of France. The match ended 5-7 6-1 6-7 (7-10).

The first set was pretty tight, and Williams lost it, only managing to level up in the second set on Centre Court, where she had won seven of her grand slam titles in years past.

The third set was just as impressive, with both players giving their best, but Tan managed to stay ahead of her competition. Again, it was a thrilling sight to behold.

Williams’s family was in the stands while she took on her opponent, cheering her on. But what does the future hold for the iconic player after her loss to her French rival? Does the match with Harmony mark the end of her career, or she would love to stick around after that?

Williams was noncommittal. She said she couldn’t answer, adding for effect, “Who knows where I’ll pop up?”

The point is, if you should see Williams taking on another opponent in the coming days, you shouldn’t be surprised. And if you don’t, still no surprises.

With 23 grand slam singles titles under her belt, she’s already an icon, and one many people look up to.

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