Serendipity: Ornella and Ryan’s Love Story & Wedding

Serendipity is one phrase that best describes Ornella and Ryan’s relationship. Well, who would have thought that two people meeting in a bar – the most unlikely of places for meeting a potential spouse, as some would say – would actually lead to a happily ever after?

Well, that was exactly what played out between the two. They met at a bar, got talking, struck a great friendship, became lovers, and found they couldn’t take their hands or hearts away from each other.

The result has been a commitment to each other in marriage. They are now happily married and bold to be.

Pictures and videos of their wedding are currently making the rounds online, with many struck by their love story and comparing the same to something off the pages of a novel or a movie.

But this is no movie, only a wonderful reality of a couple who found love in an unlikely place. For some of their fans, the pictures and videos of the couple’s wedding are something to hold to, and pray over, for similar blessings. See the pics below.

Serendipity: Ornella And Ryan'S Love Story &Amp; Wedding 2Serendipity: Ornella And Ryan'S Love Story &Amp; Wedding 3Serendipity: Ornella And Ryan'S Love Story &Amp; Wedding 4

Well, it is the beginning of a new phase for the couple and one can only wish them the best going forward.

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