Sexual Harassment: Disgraced Metro FM Manager Anthony Soglo Files Countersuit Against Pearl Modiadie

Disgraced former Metro FM manager Anthony Soglo has filed a countersuit against television presenter Pearl Modiadie, claiming R1 million over loss of income.

Pearl had previously filed an R3.5 million suit against the station for failing to act when she complained that she was being sexually harassed by Soglo. She added Soglo to the suit.

According to reports, Soglo did not deny her claims but apologized at the time he realized that his remarks were offensive to her.

But with Pearl Modiadie publicly accusing him and insisting on being paid millions in damages, Soglo claims that his reputation has been damaged and that he has lost income as a result.

To compensate for the supposed loss of income, he had filed the countersuit. It remains to be seen how the suit will fare in the courts, and if the court would award him the sum he’s asking for.

By the way, Pearl Modiadie is backing in the dating game after breaking up with Nathaniel Oppenheimer. But she isn’t out to date just about anyone. According to a tweet she shared recently, she’s ready to date again, but the prospective bod should be between the ages of 36 and 52

Hopefully, she gets the man she seeks.

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