Shahan Ramkissoon Exits eNCA After More Than A Decade

After more than a decade on the beat, prime time news anchor Shahan Ramkissoon is exiting the platform. It’s been a long journey, and the media personality is grateful for the time spent on the network. 

In a tweet yesterday, May 25, he announced his exit from the platform while also noting he had an amazing experience and grew professionally and personally through the network. 

He indicated his exit from the network isn’t permanent as he’d continue to work with the platform, which he calls home, in some way. You can check out the announcement below. 

The news of his exit has got some of his fans somewhat emotional. Most ha e take. To Twitter to share fond memories of what they consider some of his finest moments on TV. 

Not everyone was impressed, though. Some made it clear Shahan’s exit doesn’t mean much, as the network would remain the same, whether he leaves or stays. 

Another complained that television stations keep recycling talents among themselves. 

For those who think that he’s leaving to join Newzroom Afrika, Shahan clarified in a comment to the tweet mentioned earlier that he isn’t.

With no clarity where he’s going after eNCA, fans can only watch and see.

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