Shaka Ilembe: Lemogang Tsipa Shares His Experience As Shaka Zulu

There is always something to be learned wherever one finds oneself. Well, for Shaka iLembe actor Lemogang Tsipa, there was so much he learnt from his role as Shaka Zulu in the popular flick. 

Set in the 1700s, the film chronicles the life and times of one of the greatest South African kings. Being picked as the actor to play the character was gratifying for Lemogang, and he readily admitted the same. 

Speaking during an interview with TimesLive, he expressed his excitement at being picked for the role and the significant impact it would have in his life and career. Such a large-scale production would undoubtedly bring a lot to his career as an actor, besides the money he gets from his role. 

Shaka is, after all, a legendary figure, and playing the role of that iconic figure would be like living his life in a new century. The advantages are enormous, including a massive career boost, as people may now end up calling him King Shaka in reference to the role he played.

The choice of Lemogang has not been without controversy, though. Some social media users have questioned his lack of a Zulu name, and some have pointed out that he bears no physical resemblance to Henry Cele, another actor who portrayed the Shaka Zulu character in 1968. 

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