“Shaka iLembe” Premiere: Ntando Duma Stuns In Ambitious Native Dress Alongside Other Celebs

She always wants to stand out and sometimes she goes out of her way to ensure she does. South African actress Ntando Duma has done it again.

She was at the premiere of Mzansi Magic’s upcoming television series Shaka iLembe,  where she charmed many with her glamorous appearance.

She showed up for the premiere in a traditional attires with massive white beads that appeared to have been there deliberately to conceal part of her boobs, as she wore revealing clothing. She looked charming. Something that wasn’t lost on many social media users who saw the image of her.

While some praised her looks, some faulted her clothing, describing it as needlessly seductive. But then this isn’t even the first time she would dress in revealing clothes. And it is doubtful it would be the last. You can check out the images that had Mzansi talking below.

There were other celebs at the premiere of “Shaka iLembe” and they looked glamorous for the occasion as well

By the way, the actress recently opened a child’s salon partly dedicated to her daughter. T was something she had always wanted to do. And now that she had accomplished it, she couldn’t be more grateful.

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