Shaka Ilembe: South Africans Praise Production Quality Of New Movie

It was one of the most anticipated films in South Africa in recent memory. Interestingly, when “Shaka Ilembe” eventually premiered days ago, it was a big hit with many South Africans.

“Shaka Ilembe” was set in the 1700s and aimed to tell the story of the greatest king of the Zulus – Shaka. UIt had a rich cast of actors who did a wonderful job of interpreting the characters – for no other way could the flick has gathered so many fans in such a short time.

Beyond that, so much also went into the production to bring the flick to life. Of course, centuries have passed since King Shaka traversed the earth. But the memories of him are still alive. And yeah, it takes great production to bring that forgotten century back to life in a film.

But then the producers were able to pull that off, the result is a movie that has left many social media users in raptures. One impressed fan noted in a tweet that almost everyone who appeared in the episode did excellently well.

Another Twitter user described “Shaka Ilembe” as mesmerising – the story, the language, everything. Another noted if people can just take a moment to appreciate the quality of the production.

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