Shakira & Lewis Hamilton Stoke Dating Rumours At Dinner In Barcelona

It might pique your interest to know that Colombian singer Shakira was recently photographed as she cosied up to F! Racer Lewis Hamilton. From the look of things the Pique era is over and the much-loved singer is looking for new experiences.

The two, Shakir and Lewis Hamilton, have been stoking romance rumours for a while now. Just last month, they were spotted in Miami on a boat with associates. And now, they have further added fuel to the fire of a possible romance.

Over the weekend in Barcelona, Spain, they were again spotted out together for dinner. While the world speculates about a possible romance between them, the two have actually said nothing about dating each other.

Still, it is unlikely the romance rumours will go away anytime soon. After all, last month when they went boating, in one of the pictures, the F1 champ could be seen with an arm wrapped around the waist of the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer.

If the two are indeed dating, they cannot hide it forever. It will be out someday, and when that happens, we will be here to share the same with you. For now, the two can continue to enjoy teasing the public about their relationship.

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