Shane Eagle Drops Management Partner

Shane Eagle and Management Partner Cut Ties

has cut ties with his former management partner. Here’s what we know.

For a while now, rumours have filled the internet involving SA Hip Hop star, and the J Cole run label, Records. While the media and the rapper’s fans wondered if a signing had occurred, his manager rebuffed the rumours saying he had not signed to the label.

Fast forward to right now, the rapper and his label, Eagle Entertainment (of which he is the founder and CEO) just released a statement that he is no longer managed by the label.

On the 1st of February, who recently wowed fans at the recently completed festival took to his social media page to make an official announcement of his exit from the management.

4 years ago we started a journey and a force that would be recognized – not only in Africa but on a global scale.

An Indie label giving power back to the artist.

On the 31st of august 2017 we became a family and shifted the entire South African music industry when the monstrous debut LP “Yellow” was released. We did the same with “Never Grow Up” and are currently on an exciting international run with “Dark Moon Flower”.

We made it to the year 2020 and we want to say thank you to our loyal fans and support structure who have helped us push these boundaries towards achieving greatness.

As a result, we here at eagle entertainment care about the innovation of our artist and CEO Shane Eagle, and would like to make it public that he is no longer under the same management from here onwards.

With our new management team we aim to continue the legacy aims to solidify on this planet.

We appreciate all efforts made by those who have contributed to our growth thus far, and hope to maintain our friendships in the time to come.

Can’t wait to make history with you again on the dark moon flower tour.

With love, eagle & the team.

Are you shocked and confused by that? We are too. From the looks of it, it seems it is all for a good cause. According to the information provided, this is to help his ‘innovation’ and further ‘solidify his legacy in the universe’. We are guessing these are big words to say he’s aiming higher this year. Goodluck to him.

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